Enjoy the most exclusive destinations in the world


Wildblue Expeditions is a yacht charters and land-based expeditions company providing access to some               of the most remote and exclusive destinations in the world. If you love travelling and adventure, or if you     simply wish to share with your family or partner idyllic destinations, you arrived certainly to the right place.

We have managers in Europe, USA, and Africa, ensuring an outstanding service to our clients. We are available online 24 h.


Wildblue Expeditions starts with the idea to bring to anybody the chance to enjoy yacht charters and expeditions         in exclusive destinations at an affordable price. The yachting and sailing industry is reserved to high class or        luxury clients, but we wish our services to be available to anybody. The company is composed by experts in         different areas, such as: yachts and sailing, tourism, science and environment, engineering, video and                 photography, as well as extreme sports. By joining us, you will find a different way to enjoy your holidays, in            good hands, with great people and in destinations you would only dream of.                                                              Wildblue Expeditions also provides services to other companies, such as documentary and photography,            floating hotel, events and meetings. The company is deeply involved in non-profit activities on science,                     environment, and social initiatives.